What is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual assistance is administrative and creative support provided by an independent entrepreneur from a distance.

Depending on the client's specific needs a Virtual Assistant helps other freelance or self-employed individuals manage their non-core administrative tasks like bookkeeping, answering emails, data entry and website maintenance, just to name a few.

A Virtual Assistant helps you free up valuable time to focus on your business or spend more time with what you love to do best. When you are on vacation or a business-trip your Virtual Assistant keeps your business organized in your absence from his/her own office.

A Virtual Assistant is only paid for time worked. By choosing a Virtual Assistant you no longer pay for an employee's sick time, down time and payroll. Since he/she works off-site with his/her own equipment you also save the costs of an office set-up. With a V.A. you have a personal assistant 24/7 when you need it.

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My name is Riad Klassen.


I am a self-starter who loves to get other people organized and feels comfortable in managing chaos control.

Having been a professional actress (with the mind of an accountant) for more than twenty years, I now assist artists and other freelancing and self-employed individuals manage their administrative chores to give them the peace of mind they need to focus on their professional careers or businesses.

Together with my clients I first determine which administrative burdens are hampering their personal and professional growth and then offer solutions that also consider their individual budgets.

In partnering with me they pay only for as much office as they need. Through my services I save my clients the anxiety of doing something they do not thoroughly enjoy. In return they have more time for the things that matter most to them.